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Our commitment to you, our clients:

  • We take care of everything for you, making the whole process simple
  • We keep you informed through the entire process
  • You become part of our family
  • We go the extra mile, every time
  • We listen to what you want, and structure your loans to meet those requirements
  • We provide home loan options that not only suit your needs but exceed your expectations.
  • We are here to help you achieve your best financial outcomes, securing your future financial freedom.
  • We have a dedicated team here at Power House. Our Brokers will guide you through your loan application or refinance process and provide you with the assistance and advice you need well into the future.
  • You can feel confident that you are in safe hands and we will find the loan that’s right for you, each and every time.
  • It all starts with our Free in-home Mortgage Health checks with one of our Mortgage Specialists, where you are shown clearly and concisely how to do your home loan better. Your journey can then continue (when you’re ready) through to our powerful seminars, Investor Master Classes and potentially, all the way to our Developers’ Academy –  where you have the opportunity to meet with and work one-on-one with our Developers’ Mentor.
  • Our purpose is to create a stress-free, solution-based environment for you, our clients, while providing products and services tailored to meet your specific circumstances.
  • We build value for you through the strength of our team of professionals and by consistently producing superior positive financial outcomes.
  • Power House Financial Services aims to put the power back in your hands!

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