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Welcome to Power House Financial Services, where we consistently put the power back in your hands, when it comes to your future financial freedom!

At the very least, securing your own home and then assisting you in creating a secure path to financial freedom – well into your retirement, is what drives us, and honestly – it should also drive you. We work for our clients, not the banks, yet we do get paid by the banks – at no cost to you. So, for us, this business model is a WIN-WIN for our clients. We don’t hold allegiances to any bank, as our loyalty is and will always remain with our clients. We have the knowledge, expertise and negotiating skills to secure the right loan, with the right structure to ensure that we can co-create your future financial freedom.

At best., we love seeing our clients prosper and grow through wealth creation and we work hard to develop relationships with the right property people ensuring you retire wealthier, happier and wiser for the experience of becoming part of our Investor family.

Our team of dedicated professionals are passionate about securing the best outcomes for all our valued clients. Years of experience, quality service – second to none – and continuing professional development, together with a commitment to your well-being ensures that when you become part of our family, we will strive to build your future financial freedom.

Our Mortgage Specialists come to you!

Our point of difference is the team at Power House Financial Services and our team at Key to Australia

And this includes our Mortgage Specialists in charge of your

FREE Mortgage Health Check We could tell you about their qualifications, their stories, but instead we will share with you why we chose our Specialists, and what is special about them.

Each one of them possesses…

The ability to Listen (more than they talk)
Empathetic to your needs, wants and dreams (not their opinions of your needs)
Confident and established in their own lives
Believe in what we do for our clients – completely!
Passionate about Life
Solution-based thinking
…and what they do not possess

They are not “Sales” people (that’s a good thing!)

Salara Molenaar

Finance Manager/Mortgage Broker

Financial Coach

M: 0455 440 074
E:  finance@powerhousefinancial.com.au

Salara’s passion for keeping the banks honest has seen her devote the better part of 20 years to showing clients how to “do” their mortgages to work in their favour and not the banks. Which bank? All of them! Salara guarantees that if you have a home loan, there is always a better way to “do” your mortgage. Big claim? Not really, as proven time and time again, you can only know what you know – or in some cases, what the banks want you to know.

Salara’s role is multi-faceted, from heading the Finance team, to being a qualified broker   through to being a Financial Coach. In this role, it is about getting clients financially fit in the first place, building their financial literacy, coaching them into making informed decisions, co-creating a solid foundation and even making the tough decisions when it comes to budgeting. Salara thrives in the role of being your Financial Personal Trainer, your coach to building your own financial muscle.

With degrees in psychology, and qualifications in the finance sector, Salara uses all of these skills to look after clients, providing solutions to their future financial freedom. Showing clients how to leave a financial legacy for their own families whilst still enjoying a stress-free retirement with passive income along the way. A devotee of Kiyosaki and a total believer of Good debt is GOOD, her calm approach to the stressful role (apparently) of Finance Manager is well suited. Her sense of fair play, always putting the clients needs first, and innovative approach to life in general, promises a positive experience to all involved. Salara can bring out the best in people, be they lenders, broker managers, colleagues and of course, our clients. Her keen interest in helping people, and calm approach (through a life-time of meditation practice) can only ensure that clients, all clients, have a positive experience when dealing with Power House Financial Services, and that the power remains in their hands!

Mark Scarrott

Founder, Director and Mentor

M: 07 5574 1331
E:  mark@powerhousefinancial.com.au

With more than 30 years in the business of providing innovative solutions to clients keen on securing their financial freedom through property investment, Mark has invested his own time and passion in developing a company whose ethos is simple – our clients become part of our family! In fact, his sons are part of this vision too.

His first-borne, Matthew, heads the Property Management division, with a mind for systems and processes, his organisational skills are well utilised in this demanding and ever-expanding role. With qualifications as a Real Estate Property Manager, and a history in logistics, Matthew does it all with ease, with his “hands on, get things done” attitude. In his spare time, Matthew loves to travel (don’t we all!).

Mark’s son Adam forms part of an accomplished and passionate Administration team and is responsible for the companies’ public profiles and marketing. The deep thinker and checker of all things accounting and implementing reporting and financial processes. Adam keeps us all well informed as to how the companies are performing, both internally and in keeping with Marks’ ethos of our clients are family. With qualifications in Accounting, he is well equipped to handle the complexities of such a diverse role. With his interest in music, Adam remains calm, confident and in charge, even under the tight time-frames that a role such as his, can quite often demand.

Mark has developed a network of industry professionals, from the right builders to the right solicitors and accountants, industry leaders and solution-based thinkers to ensure that clients are always treated with the care and attention they deserve, and that no opportunity is missed to further their financial goals. He is passionate about delivering positive outcomes, each and every time.

Mark is currently working with several of our overseas investors, personally guiding them through their own journeys to financial freedom, and now we are pleased to have him heading the Developers’ Academy, creating opportunities for even more investors to benefit from his life-time of knowledge and his passion for securing the future financial security of his valued clients. In a series of seminars and master classes currently heading our latest growth initiatives, our seasoned investors along-side our “newbies” in wealth creation will get an opportunity to hear our Mentor share some of his sage advice.

However, it is only those in our Developers’ Academy who will enjoy the wealth of knowledge, experience and personal introductions, which only our Mentor can deliver. This is not for the faint hearted, this Academy is for those willing to invest in their own financial future. Those who recognise such an investment begins with their own personal growth, who value investing in learning from one of the industry’s leading entrepreneurs in the property investment arena. With our Mentor leading the way, the road to success is guaranteed! Our Mentor is often referred to as “the man with the golden touch” when it comes to Property Investing, and rightly so – he does hold the Key to your wealth creation, to your future financial freedom, and ultimately, to your perfect retirement plan. A plan specifically designed, implemented, nurtured, nourished and grown to suit your “big picture”. Be it an island retirement, a sun-drenched villa, a luxury yacht or where ever your mind allows you to dream – our Mentor has the vision to dream really BIG dreams, and to take you on a journey to your own happy retirement.

Mark travels extensively, both for business and pleasure. With a diverse back-ground and a myriad of qualifications including Real Estate, Financial Advisor and Mortgage Broker. From co-creating boutique developments with his investors in The Developers’ Academy, to personally working with his select group of clients, Mark always finds time to share his knowledge and passion for all things property. Just ask him!

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